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OUR Energy LLC is a Texas retail electricity provider (REP) founded by a group of professionals with 30+ years experience in retail electricity and gas industry. We are top quality electric providers servicing residential, commercial and industrial customers delivering competitive pricing, flexible contracts, customized billing and outstanding customer service.


In current economic conditions, business owners are seeking superior customer service at reduced costs to increase revenues and generate more value. At OUR Energy, we pride ourselves for providing excellent energy products  and services, delivering superior customer service and offering far superior support than the mainstream energy providers in Texas. OUR Energy provides a wide range of products and services that will fit your needs. By combining prices and service, we deliver value to all customers, large or small, residential or commercial.  You have the power to choose TX.  Choose OUR Energy, the premier TX energy company!


Our Vision:

Our vision is to be the best Texas electricity company; leading by example by providing highest level of quality, customer service and shareholder value.


Our Mission:

Our mission is to help customers not only save money off their energy bills but bring them together as a community, continually striving for excellence in the products and services we offer.


Our Objective:

Our objective is to provide reliable total quality Texas power and energy services at the most competitive pricing. We seek to revolutionize the retail electric provider (REP) industry through innovation, scalability, diligence, expertise, dependability, honesty & integrity.


• Quick, Efficient and Personalized Electric Company Service

• A passion for taking care of customers

• Direct approach to customers’ views of the service they require

• A willingness to be flexible

• A work ethic based on dedication to the company and its mission

• Sales through service

• Committed to a long term vision


Better service at a better price.


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Our commitment is to supply our customers with reliable and dependable energy at a competitive rate.

We take all of the guesswork out of how to save money on your power bill. Our energy market analysts negotiate and pre-purchase massive volumes of electricity enabling us to pass along the energy savings to you. REAL-TIME rates and pricing means real savings for you. At OUR Energy we provide customized pricing solutions tailored to meet your individual needs.

Cut through all of the red tape!


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At OUR Energy, we are always looking for new ways to help make your life easier.

We understand that time is money, which is why we offer same day move-ins and out-of-cycle switches. Manage all aspects of your energy service very easily online through your My Account portal. Visit our website regularly to take advantage of a wealth of information such as energy saving tips, industry updates as well as an intuitive Help Center. We simplify the complex energy market to make it easier for you.

Total Quality Care Specialists


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Building solid, long lasting relationships one customer at a time is the focus of the OUR Energy Team.

We incorporate quality into every aspect of our business through our intuitive account management system, fully scalable and customizable residential and commercial power services, as well as your personal Customer Care Specialist to cater to your individual needs.  Experience first hand how we stand out from all other Texas energy companies!

We don't just talk the talk.


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Our success is only measured by our ability to best service our customers.

It is about being trustworthy and straightforward in all of our working relationships, standing behind each promise made. In order to ensure complete transparency, the Our Energy Team encourages all of your valuable suggestions and feedback.

Our reputation speaks for itself.


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We take great pride in our positive reputation among our customers.

We offer solid and reliable power solutions. We have successfully spent the past seven years of providing the finest Texas electricity services in the market. Our fixed electricity rates will not change because all energy has been pre-purchased.

Texas is our heart and soul.

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Our community is what makes us tick.

We are proud to be a reputable, responsible and proactive Texas electric company. We show how much we care each day by always seeking to make a positive impact in everything we do. Whether it be by raising the bar on customer service standards or helping to fund various community projects, we live to make a difference!  Visit Our Community Today.


Our secret to being an excellent Texas electric company is in Building and Maintaining Relationship with You.  At OUR Energy llc, the core of our company is YOU.  We reach out to our customers at every point of contact to continuously improve upon our service.

We strive to set the energy industry bar that others look to follow.  We work towards our goals through diligent efforts such as our genuinely friendly, personalized service, proactive involvement in continuous service improvement and affordable prices.  At Our Energy, we make it our priority to care and serve for what matters the most:  YOU.

At OUR Energy, our RESOLVE is to consistently provide our customers top quality energy service at the most affordable rates. What’s more, we provide the most competitive energy prices regardless of the season. We achieve this through our expert energy market analysis that allows us to strategically pre-purchase energy, therefore insuring you reliable fixed rates. OUR Energy combines prices savings with cutting edge technology and old fashioned friendly customer service to deliver excellence across the board.

Our RESOLVE is to be the finest residential and commercial energy company in Texas!

At OUR Energy, we keep our hearts INVOLVED in everything we do. From Community Outreach projects to your customer feedback, we value every opportunity we have to make a difference. No customer is too big or too small, every customer’s opinion counts.

We go beyond the usual standard energy service simply because WE CARE!

At OUR Energy, we constantly EVOLVE. Just as the world is ever changing, we listen, analyze, learn and plan ahead to always maintain a step ahead of the rest. We endeavor to constantly surprise you with service improvements simply because YOU DESERVE IT!


OUR Energy is a premier Texas residential and commercial retail electricity provider.  We pride ourselves in making quality services affordable to all such as:

OUR Energy services of all sizes from start ups to large corporations.  Our success is brought about by our special ability to customize each business plan to best suit the needs of each commercial customer.

The following are a few examples of the various types of Texas industries pride ourselves in servicing:

  • – Agriculture
  • – Banking and Accounting
  • – Call Centers
  • – Chemical
  • – Technology
  • – Education
  • – Food and Beverage
  • – Non Profit

We are constantly seeking feedback on how we can enhance our services.   Please feel free to submit your feedback today.


* The clients listed are an example of individual franchise customers that we serve and do not represent the entire brand.