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Thank you for visiting the Our Energy Frequently Asked Questions section.  We always advise that you drop by and browse the questions as we update them on a regular basis.  We hope that you find the answer to your questions here.  If your question is not listed, please feel free to use the Ask Our Energy form below.  We will be happy to review your question and get back to you within twenty four hours.

Who is Our Energy?

OUR Energy is a Retail Electric Provider (REP) which is Licensed to operate in Texas in the Retail Energy Market, we are in process of expanding our operations in Retail Electricity and Gas Markets in New York and Illinois.

What is the difference between a Retail Electricity Provider (REP) and a utility company (TDSP)?

With electricity market deregulation, you have a choice of who is your retail electric provider. Retail electric providers provide you with an energy price, electric bill and customer service. The local utility company (TDSP) maintains the poles and wires in your community. Because of electricity market deregulation, Customers have a choice in retail electric providers. So, when you switch retail electric providers for the same residence or business location, you should experience no change in the reliability of your service. Your local utility company (TDSP) will continue to read your meter and will continue to maintain the poles and wires. And you will continue to call your local utility company (TDSP) in the event of an outage. If you change locations within the state, your local utility company (TDSP) may change.

Is OUR Energy certified as a Retail Electricity Provider?

Yes, the Public Utility Commission for the State of Texas puts every REP through a rigid and strict process of certification. OUR Energy has met the requirements for financial, managerial and technical abilities for the privilege of selling energy in Texas (PUC Certificate Number 10170).

Why would I choose OUR Energy?

Honesty, Integrity and Loyalty. As a Retail Electric provider we will make sure that you THE Customer is treated as a part of OUR Energy Family, we will make sure your issues or concerns are addressed and as much as it is possible it should always be a one call resolution.

How will OUR Energy be better than any other REP?

With proper Risk management, competitive prices and customer service above all others we will make sure that we always tailor to you THE CUSTOMER’S needs.

What happens if my REP (Retail Electric Provider) goes out of business?

You will not lose POWER. You will receive a notice from the provider giving you time to select your new provider, usually it is a 30 Day Notice. If a customer does not choose a new provider during that time, you will be assigned to a “Provider of Last Resort,” which is an assigned back-up electricity provider. (Texas Administrative Code §25.43(a)(2)).

What are OUR Energy hours of operations for Customer Service?

OUR Energy will be available from 8:30 AM to 6 PM over the phone (1888-5454-OUR) , fax (281-715-5767) or by email

What Should I do if there is a Power Outage?

For information about power outages, please contact your (local utility) Transmission and Distribution Service Provider.

 AEP Texas Central (866) 223-8508

AEP Texas North (866) 223-8508

CenterPoint Energy (800) 332-7143

Sharyland Utilities (956) 668-9551

TNMP (Texas-New Mexico Power Company) (888) 866-7456

Oncor (formerly TXU Electric Delivery Company) (888) 313-4747


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Payment Solutions

Review, Monitor and Pay your bills

OUR Energy online portal provides a convenient way to access your account information. Bill Payments, Usage, Historical Data and all other important information is just few clicks away.

  • –  Using our online portal you can:
  • –  Pay bills online by using Visa, Master or Discover.
  • –  View your current and previous bills.
  • –  Review your previous usage history and payment history.
  • –  Download PDF copies of all your previous and current bills.
  • –  and a lot more.

Sign on to online portal  |  Register

Our Energy Texas Electricity

Pay by Mail:

Mail your Check or Money Order to:

17154 butte Creek Rd, #250

Houston, TX 77090

Pay by Phone:

You can pay by phone using your Visa, Master Card or Discover.

Call 1.888.545.4OUR (4687) or 281.552.8390 (M-F 8:00am to 6:30pm)

Pay in Person:

Paying your OUR Energy bill is easy. Just bring your account information and money to one of the following locations:

ACE Cash Express: Visit to find the location(s) near you.

Understand Your Bill

Get to know your electric bill!  Simply click on the question mark (?) on each section to display the description.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.



Download this form to setup Auto Payment using your bank account information.

Account Closing Form:

Use this form to close your account with Our Energy.

All documents are in PDF format. You can download free copy of Adobe PDF Reader from following link. Adobe Read

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